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Karasawa is located in Hotaka Region, south part of Northern Alps which is one of Japanese National Parks. Hotaka Region has 4 peaks higher than 3000m and Karasawa is surrounded by these peaks; Mt. Okuhotaka, Mt. Kitahotaka, Mt. Maehotaka and Mt. Karasawa. Hotaka is an origin of Japanese Alpinism and Karasawa is the best place for base camp to climb all peaks and climbing routes. Why don't you come to Karasawa and feel the magnificent nature and enjoy your own adventure!! 

Accommodation Information Business Term 27,April to Beginning of November Capacity 100 Accommodation Fee 1 night with dinner and breakfast ¥9500 1 night with no meals ¥6500 Dinner ¥2200 Lunch Box ¥1000 Morning ¥1200 Private Room ¥12000 per a room (Fri to Sun) ¥10000 per a room (Mon to Thu) These fees do not include accommodation fee! Reservation Reception of reservation starts from 2 months before accommodation day Phone Number 090-2204-1300



Approach Generally , it takes about 6hours from Kamikochi to Karasawa. Trail from Kamikochi to Yoko is mostly flat and takes 3 hours. Yoko to Karasawa is a little hard trail. Please make it sure that you should arrive hut by 3:00 pm!